Cheap Auto Insurance for Women in Florida

Cheap Auto Insurance for Women in Florida

The fact that women are more responsible drivers than men has been proven by recent insurance rates data. Still, many women do not enjoy rates as low as they should be able to find them. It is very important to compare rates from different insurers in order to find the best deals.

Men may like to think they have the upper hand, but when it comes to auto insurance goes, they simply do not.. Women are actually paying less for their auto insurance than men.

But why do female drivers enjoy lower premiums?

Statistics show that women are lower risk drivers than men. Obeying the law, driving safely and complying with their car insurance requirements, is something women are far more likely to do then men.

Men tend to be more dangerous drivers. It is unlikely that a woman would intentionally start driving dangerously. Overtaking dangerously and jumping a red light, is not something most women do.

Do women drive more safely?

Compared to men, women are safer drivers. There are 2 main reasons for that, female drivers are normally more responsible and observant. Men don’t pay as much attention to road signs and other drivers as women do. It comes as no surprise that being observant means less accidents are caused by female drivers. Statistics have shown men are the cause of accidents more frequently than women by more than 50%.

Being very protective is a characteristic most women have. It is very common for women to use their cars to drive their kids to school. The most important thing for them is the safety of their kid, and this makes them more careful.

Not only are women protective of their children, they are protective of their jobs. In our day and age, it is harder for them to climb the corporate ladder. Being absent due to an accident could very well result in the loss of their hard earned job. It is clear that being a careful driver is very important to most women, especially those who have a family and a career.

Things may well change in the future as more women pursue careers and there are more stay-at-home dads. But for now, women have the right to demand cheaper auto insurance rates.

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