There are many auto insurance companies in Florida, but how can you choose the right one for you? Who is offering the best deal right now? Can you get even more discounts and save $$$, while still have adequate cover?

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There are a few things to bare in mind when comparing car insurers in the Sunshine State. The company needs to be licensed by the authorities in order to issue insurance in Florida. You have the choice of going with a local insurance provider or a national company. Generally, local companies have a bit more of a ‘personal touch’, but national carriers can sometimes offer lower rates.

Some insurance companies actually do issue auto insurance policies in Florida, although they have recently stopped insuring homes in the state. A number of people expressed their anger by refusing to have they auto insurance with a company, which does not want to insure their property.

The biggest mistake when choosing an auto insurance company in Florida

Most people make one huge mistake when choosing an insurer. They only look at the price of the policy. Yes, price is an important factor and given the rising auto insurance rates in Florida, no one can be blamed for wanting to save money. But sometimes the cheapest rate can turn into an expensive nightmare. Apart from how much it costs, there are a number of other vital questions you should ask yourself. Am I getting enough cover? Are my financial assets adequately protected? Do I need full coverage or only PIP insurance and Property Damage Liability? If I have an accident, will my company react quickly and provide me with the support I need?

The purpose of auto insurance is to protect you and give you a peace of mind. If you feel worried and get stressed every time you get behind the driving wheel, then something is wrong.

Car insurance companies ratings

It is a wise idea to check the rating of a company before signing on the dotted line. Websites like and are extremely useful. They offer up to date ratings for most big insurance companies. Customer service and appraisal are among the factors taken into account when company ratings are calculated. Auto-owners Insurance company came top of the 2011 auto claim satisfaction study, with State Farm coming close second.

Customer reviews

The official rankings and ratings are one thing, customer reviews are another. It is not difficult to find others, who are or have been customers of a company you are thinking of purchasing auto insurance from. We are all on Facebook these days, aren’t we? Well, insurance providers make no difference. Most of them have Facebook pages and you will be surprised by the level of honest customer feedback that you will see there. Pay particular attention to the way company representative handle complains. There are also a number of internet forums and other website devoted to customer service, where you can find additional information.

Obviously, the best thing will be if any of your friends or relatives has had experience with a particular auto insurance company in Florida and can share his or hers first hand experience with you. Ask around.

Comparing car insurance companies

You should never go with the first quote you get. By comparing quotes and policies from different auto insurance companies in Florida, you have the best chance of finding the right policy for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts. You may be entitled to savings you are not aware of. Increase your deductible, take advance driving class, combine your home and auto insurance, and save even further.

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