Below are most important parts of the Florida law related to drunk driving. Additional factors may add to the fees and penalties for drunk driving, for example if an injury or death occurred as a result, or in case a minor was in danger.

If you were arrested for driving under the influence in the state of Florida, contact an attorney in your area to determine you rights and responsibilities.

Here are the cold facts:

.08 – BAC Level

.02 – Zero Tolerance BAC Level

.20 – Enhanced Penalty BAC Level

Implied Consent Law – Is enforced in Florida

6 months – the license suspension period following first offence

12 months – the license suspension period following second DUI offence. You should be aware that there is a mandatory jail time after a 2nd offence

24 months – the license suspension period following 3rd DUI offence

Alcohol education following DUI is mandatory

After 30 days a hardship license may be issued.

Your vehicle may be confiscated.

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