Is Driving Without Insurance In Florida A Crime?

Is Driving Without Insurance In Florida A Crime?

Are you driving without insurance in Florida? Is it really against the law? And if so what are the penalties?

I hate to give you the bad news, but if you are driving in the Sunshine state, without being insured, then yes – you are breaking the law. Every driver in Florida must purchase PIP insurance (Personal Injury Protection), also known as No Fault insurance and Property damage liability (PDL). The required minimums are $10,000 for each of the coverages.

When you get caught, your license will be suspended and you will have to pay anything between $150 to $500 to get it reinstated. And that is for first ofense. For repeated violations you may be required to show a prove of financial responsibility, SR22 Insurance, in order to get your license back. Make no mistake about it, SR22 Insurance in Florida is not cheap!

Yes, I know that you may be doing the math now and thinking that paying $500 is penalties is still cheaper than what you will pay for auto insurance in one year. But is it really?

Ask yourself this question – what is the purpose of car insurance? Is it really just about obeying the law and having a peace of paper with you while you drive? Not, it isn’t.

Your auto insurance protects you, your family and others on the road. It is not about the state rules and regulations. Its about the well being of the ones you love. Its about safeguarding your property and the property of others.

It is quite possible that you are a good driver with a clean record. May be even an excellent driver. Does that mean that you will never cause an accident? How about someone hitting you on your way to work? Or becoming a victim of a staged accident?

If you have no insurance, who is going to cover your expenses? Worse still, if you cause serious injuries to others, they have the right to sue you, which will put into huge risk your financial assets.

How would losing your license affect your everyday life? Will you be able to go to work? Drive the kids to school?

You are smart enough to see that driving without insurance is not saving you money. Everyday you drive uninsured you increase the risk of running into huge financial difficulties. You may think that you can’t afford auto insurance, but it is far more affordable than losing your job or having to pay thousands of dollars in liability.

Do yourself and your family a favour. Get adequate protection and a peace of mind today.

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