The state of Florida requires PIP, apart from Property Damage Liability, with a minimum liability limit of $10,000. Such basic coverage is likewise known as a PIP PD. Even if Orlando, Florida does not require a minimum bodily injury insurance coverage, you might be asked to obtain such coverage once you get involved in a car accident. Hence, you are advised to get this particular Liability coverage.

Auto Insurance Requirements in Orlando, Florida

The minimum required insurance liability coverage in the state of Florida, whether in Orlando or any other cities within the state are the following:

  • Property Damage Liability, which has a limit of $10,000
  • Personal Injury Protection, with a $10,000 Limit

Additional Insurance Coverage

Florida observes a no-fault system; this means that your insurance will make the necessary payments for all your claims, regardless of who is a fault. However, payments are according to specified limits. You basically give your right to sue when it comes to a No-Fault system. Actually, the details of Florida no-fault system are quite different for that of other US states.

Personal Injury Protection, on the other hand, helps pay reasonable medical bills for you and all your passengers. The state laws of Florida State require coverage of Personal Injury Protection of at least $10,000.

Penalties for Driving Uninsured in the State of Florida

It is required to carry proof of insurance while driving in Orlando, Florida. Absence of such a document is a serious offense and can lead to the suspension of your license. Florida judges are known for imposing extremely strict sentences to driving offenders. There had been instances of vehicles without insurance or proof of insurance being towed.

In the state, Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, or HSMV, can suspend your driver’s license and driving privileges for not more than three years, or until such time that proof of state insurance coverage is finally provided.

If driving privilege has been suspended because you have no insurance coverage, there is a fine that you need to pay to reinstate your driver’s license. Reinstatement fees up to a maximum of $500 must be paid. Likewise, you have to provide proof of the latest Florida insurance to enjoy your driving privileges.

Florida DUI Laws

Florida has strict DUI laws that you must follow to avoid stiff DUI penalties. DUI is an impaired driving ability, or driving with unacceptable blood alcohol level, or BAL. If you are stopped and suspected of having committed a DUI offense by an officer, you must give an implied consent to undergo a breath test. Urine and blood tests might be carried out to ascertain the level of alcohol in your body. There are specific tests that are performed if the driver is involved in a car accident.

A penalty of $250 is imposed on you if you are a first-time offender of a DUI in Florida. Actually, such fines may increase up to $500 based on detected blood alcohol levels. Fines are hefty, between $500 and $1000, or even more, if your blood sample has indicated that your alcohol level is at least 0.20 percent. Florida DUI laws are generally strict, with harsh penalties; if the accused is a frequent offender.

Florida SR22

Florida R22 insurance is actually not auto insurance, but simply a form or document that is used by auto insurers to prove that a driver has complied with the required minimum limits of liability. Reasons that will require you to submit a SR22 form are the following:

  • Too many traffic violations
  • Driving without insurance, or proof of insurance coverage
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol

Florida SR22 insurance form is filed by your car insurer to the state’s Bureau of Financial Responsibility; this is done in case you are needed to file a confirmation of liability insurance.

Florida FR44

Like SR22, Florida FR44 is a form that is filed by the insurer for you, in case you are convicted of a DUI offense in the state of Florida. The form is filed at the Bureau of Financial Responsibility by your insurer after you purchase your insurance policy. Such a process is necessary in reacquiring your Florida license. First, your authorized Florida insurance company purchases a policy; this secures for you the Financial Responsibility number from the Florida MVR. Your driver’s license will be reinstated once the database of the DMV is updated and shows that you have complied with your Florida FR44.

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