Seniors face a tough battle in the automobile insurance industry. Some automobile insurance firms consider senior citizens as risky drivers and set policy premiums higher. At times, senior citizens may be suffering from physical challenges that interfere with their ability to drive safely. However, this group is less likely to have accidents caused by speeding. Plus, if automobile-related accidents do occur, these citizens have minor accidents in comparison to other groups. These accidents can come from slower eye-hand coordination when driving down roads and highways. The ability to drive allows senior citizens to remain mobile and independent. They do not want to give up their driving privileges.

State laws prevent people from driving with an automobile insurance policy in place. This coverage protects them in cases of accidents, theft and automobile fires. Any senior citizen who wants to drive must consider automobile insurance for protection and to meet state legal requirements. In some cases, their automobile insurance coverage can be less expensive than their younger counterparts. It is important to gather research and know how to approach their automobile insurance companies. An automobile insurance representative can contact different companies for quotes. Senior drivers who have reached the age of 75 may face challenges. Drivers over the age of 75 may experience more fatal accidents. The insurance firm will review this documentation and compare it with drivers who are younger and have not had fatal accidents. Before offering favorable discounts on premiums, firms will analyze each senior citizen’s driving record and health conditions.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) does offer senior citizens insurance rates at a discount. The association may look at different factors before offering coverage. The AARP may review details from potential policy holders. Senior citizens who desire a good insurance premium should watch out for deductibles. A deductible represents the amount due before an insurance claim will be settled. The amount of the discount can vary based on the policy and coverage offered. Senior citizens who can accept high deductibles may get lower premium offers. Other factors can effect how must senior citizens may pay for their automobile insurance policy, such as the car model. Some car models attract more attention than others. Automobile thefts may seek out flashy, expensive cars.

Few senior citizens drive these car models and can ask for a discount. Besides the AARP offering discount insurance, other companies and associations may provide reasonable discounts. For example, a homeowner’s association may have discounts when senior citizens combine a home policy with an automobile policy. Plus, these citizens will not multiple confusing forms from different companies.

The ability to drive provides a freedom few senior citizens want to give up. The high costs of living should not prevent these citizens from driving. Senior citizens should explore their options before settling on a policy from any firm. They should work with automobile insurance firms who want their business and provide respect. Automobile insurance firms and senior citizens can work together to keep citizens on the road and enjoying their freedom.

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