Understanding the Basics of Florida Seat Belt Laws

Understanding the Basics of Florida Seat Belt Laws

Seat belt laws in Florida are known to be some of the toughest seat belt laws in all of the US state. First of all, Florida is now a primary enforcement state, which means that it permits its officers to stop any driver for the sole purpose of issuing a citation resulting from a seat belt violation. However, it must be noted that restraint laws of the state governing children are still considered to be among the weakest.

Basic Seat Belt Law of Florida

The basic seat belt law to be followed in the state of Florida is that all front-seat passengers of any car must wear a seat belt. Those who are under the age of 18 must be fully secured with a child restraint device or safety belt, regardless of where they are seated. Florida seat beat law covers motorized vehicles, such as cars, vans, and pickup trucks, according to the state of Florida Highway Patrol.

Florida Child Restraint Law

The child restraint law of Florida states that individuals who are under the age of 18 must be safely buckled up, whether he is positioned in the front seat or at the back of the car. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety issues low marks, considered to be a marginal rating, to how the Florida child restraint law protects young children.

A young child up to the age of 3 should be fully secured using a child restraint system. Florida law requires for 4 and 5-year-old children to either use a sturdy restraint system or a safety belt. The laws of the state say that it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that minors adhere to the child restraint law.

Penalties and fines for violation of Florida Seat Belt law

The state of Florida has made their seat belt law a serious and primary violation. This had allowed the state to secure 35.5 million dollars in federal highway funding. However, you can only receive a seat-belt violation after you are stopped by an officer for another traffic violation.

If you committed a violation of the seat beat law in this state, you will have to pay a fine of a minimum of 30 dollars. You will also have to pay 6 dollars in court fee. Offenses against child restraint law, on the other hand, carry a minimum of 60 dollar fine, and an additional 10 dollars in court fee.

There are of course exceptions from the Florida seat belt laws. Florida law states that school buses, private and public transportation buses, farm motorized vehicles, and trucks having gross weights of more than 26,000 pounds are exempted from the seat belt law. Likewise exempted from this law are bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles.

There are likewise exclusions that exist when it comes to the Florida child restraint law. And if you are deemed by a medical practitioner to be having a medical condition that requires you not to use a safety belt, then you can be exempted. Newspaper delivery men, garbage collectors, people within the living area of a recreational vehicle, and individual occupying motorized vehicles not required by law to maintain seat belts are likewise exempt.

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