Most parents are concerned when their teenager reaches a certain age and starts talking about getting driving license. The first concern is safety and the second one is cost. Still, there are steps that can be taken which can make teenagers saver drivers and also lower young drivers’ car insurance premiums.

The first year of driving is absolutely crucial. This is the time when most young drivers pick up bad habits and make silly mistakes often resulting in accidents. Without being over protective try to ride with your child often and make sure he or she drives safely and carefully. It will help them become a better driver and keep a clean driving record, which we all know means cheaper car insurance.

The car a young driver learns to drive on will have a huge impact on their driving as well. Most teenagers want fast and flash sports cars, but as a parent you have to ask yourself is that good for them? Fast and powerful car will not only be more expensive to insure, but will also have a higher risk factor.

As fun as it may seem to teenagers to aimlessly drive all day and just “hang out with friends”, statistics have shown that a young driver is 5 times more likely to have an accident if two or more friends are in the car. Laud music and jokes are not a good combination when an inexperienced driver is behind the wheel. Preventing unnecessary driving will reduce the mileage on you car which in turn will save you yet more money on car insurance.

Did you know that some companies offer discounts for good grades? This is really a win win situation, if you encourage you son or daughter to get better grades they’ll be getting a better start in life AND cheaper car insurance!

Following these simple rules will help you save on Florida No Fault car insurance and undoubtedly make your teenager a better driver.

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